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Climate Change Class Offering

Climate change is a concerning topic, and something that affects us all. This class will cover the basic science of climate change so you can understand for yourself what challenges we are facing without the hype. Presented in a format for both the science literate and science novices, the class will go on to show you ways that you can be part of the solution to climate change at any level you are able to commit to. Big steps or small steps, they are all important if we are to avoid the worst of what we are already beginning to feel.

As a fun exercise to temper the serious nature of the topic, all those who attend in person will go home with a solar powered garden decoration made from a bottle that you bring with you. Clean and dry glass wine and spirits bottles work best for this project. All other materials will be provided. If you cannot make it in person, the class will be broadcast over Zoom and Facebook Live. Register today before the class fills up!

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