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The Money-Saving Guide to Going Green at Home

This resource came to me via some new friends from Bay Minette, Alabama. Thank you for the suggestion!

Contact Influencers

Use the form to the left to find out who your elected representatives are and how to contact them. Contacting your representatives lets them know what is important to you, their constituent. It is more effective than you think.

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If you cannot avoid adding carbon to the atmosphere, purchase a carbon offset to make up for it.

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Thinking of Going Solar?

If you are thinking of going solar for your home, contact me and I can put you in touch with vetted sources. It's hard to know who to trust. If you have gotten quotes or need someone to do an analysis on your home, I can help you find the right person or talk about a quote if you want an unbiased opinion.

Weighing options

There are many options available to homeowners and renters. If you own your home you can finance solar panels or lease them. If you are renting there are solar cooperatives that source the electricity you use from renewable sources for a fee.


Battery technology has improved greatly and come down in cost in the last few years. Couple solar panels with batteries so your home stays powered up even when the grid goes down.

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