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Climate change is a serious subject. We all need to have a balance in our lives which gives us a creative outlet to contrast the stresses of the world. I have a sunflower patch. It is part of a research project at the Extension Office where I am a Master Gardener. We are growing different varieties of sunflowers to see how well they would work in a program called Seeds of Inclusion. My friend Sarafaith Pekor has a group of people with diverse abilities who have developed a venture called Leos Limas Grower's Club. These folks, many of whom are sight impaired and/or learning impaired, teach those of us with fewer life challenges how to grow lima beans. Depending on our research goes, LLGC may expand out from just lima beans. These pictures are from my sunflower patch which I bravely protected from the ninja squirrels in the yard who would eat the sunflowers as soon as they sprouted. Many methods were tried: a garden fence which they raced around the top of; cayenne pepper and coffee grounds which had limited success but turned the sunflowers orange; and finally a solar powered electric fence which kept the agile critters at bay but did not harm them. Fun was had but the research is important so we are going to start a second crop of sunflowers before deciding if they would be a good candidate to accompany the lima beans.

Phase two of the sunflower patch started June 21st, 2021. New seeds were planted indoors and will be ready to plant in the sunflower patch about the first week in July. Gertrude, the ever vigilant scare crow, will get a makeover as well. Pictures to follow...

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New Hope
Just About Ready
Their New Home
First Ninja Squirrel Attack
Ninja Squirrels 1, Sunflowers 0
Gertrude Stands Watch
Gertrude Is Happy
But Wait...
Growing By Leaps and Bounds
Gertrude Stands Watch
All Grown Up
Ring of Fire
Circle of Life
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