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Electric Lawn Care Equipment Makes Sense

I recall reading a report a couple of years ago which said operating a gas powered lawn mower for one hour was the equivalent, in terms of greenhouse gas pollution, as driving a car for 40 hours. The lawn equipment industry doesn’t have to meet the pollution standards that the automobile industry does. At the time, alternative lawn care equipment that polluted less was available but not quite up to task as the gas powered mowers and blowers, and it was relatively expensive. That has changed. My son purchased a battery powered electric lawnmower and he loves it saying it does just as good of a job as his old gas powered one.

I have a battery powered chainsaw which I recently used to cut back our crepe myrtle tree that had gotten out of hand at 35 feet tall. Some of the branches were close the 3 inches thick and the electric chainsaw had no problem powering through them as I was precariously perched on a step ladder. Many of us can’t afford to go out and buy the new battery powered machines but when it’s time for an upgrade you can be sure I will go electric. Here is an article from the Washington Post on the subject.

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