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Here Is A Great Way To Get A Plan For Climate Sustainability For Your Organization

Join us for the May 2-13 showing of the Climate Boot Camp

Pre-Register Now!

On behalf of the EcoActUs team, I'm excited to invite you to our May 2-13, 2023 showing of the Climate Boot Camp, an interactive, solutions-driven 12-day program specifically built for climate leaders like you and designed by The Climate Reality Project and Harvard Alumni for the Climate and Environment (HACE). Here's this agenda so you know what to expect: Live Kickoff - May 2 at 10 a.m. EST

  • Overview: Join us for a quick introduction to EcoActUs' mission to spread Sustainable Climate Education and training, and how your organization can get involved

  • Facilitators:

    • Mark R Dambro, MD

    • Dayo Ajayi-Obe, MD

    • Scott Graham

Live Networking Events - May 6 & 13 at 10 a.m. EST

  • Overview: Meet with your fellow climate leaders to discuss your learnings, experiences and climate action plans

By attending this program, you will be - Inspired by climate heroes like Andy Lipkis, Hubert Joly and Katie Ginsberg - Motivated by climate experts like Ken Berlin, Gina McCarthy, Anthony Leiserowitz and more - Supported by business leaders and consultants like you who are on the same journey to building their own climate business plans - Empowered to develop and implement a customized climate action plan within your organization Pre-register for the May 2-13, 2023, session here:

Thank you for your support, The EcoActUs Team at the Dallas Climate Reality Chapter

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