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Regenerative Agriculture Belongs in the Farm Bill

Congress: Support regenerative agriculture-a key solution for our climate, health, and water crises!This year, Congress will write our next farm bill, shaping the next 5-7 years of American agriculture policy.Governing everything from the way our food is produced, to how it is distributed and consumed, the farm bill determines the entirety of our food and ag system, but currently it supports industrial agriculture practices that prioritize commodities over communities. We think it’s time for a change. Soil is our common ground and our common good, so we are calling on Congress to support regenerative agriculture in the farm bill.Regenerative agriculture combines Indigenous knowledge, holistic management, and cutting edge science to work within the context of natural systems. It means healthier soils growing healthier foods, stronger local communities, more profitable regional economies, and more resilient environments.If you believe in a healthy, abundant future - for yourself, your family, and your community - sign and share the petition to regenerate America! Access the toolkit here to share, and view the full policy platform here.

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