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Science Doesn’t Lie…Here Is Some Scary Science

Ninety percent of the heat absorbed by the earth is done so by its oceans. Last year the oceans absorbed a record amount of heat energy from the sun as reported in the following article/opinion piece published in The Guardian. Each day the oceans of the earth absorbed an amount of heat energy equivalent to that generated by 7 Hiroshima style atomic bombs exploding every second of the day. I’ll do the math for you, that works out to 604,800 atomic bombs every day last year. Read the article to find out some of the consequences. Spoiler alert…none of them are good. A friend posted the article on a Facebook page but messaged me to ask if I thought it was too strong. Her fear is that people need some good news to counter all of the bad. I told her that people need to hear about the science that backs up what we, who try to educate about climate change, is telling us. Too many people think that someone else is going to solve the climate crisis and worry more about why they can’t get the new car they want because of the supply chain problems with computer chips. Unless the new car is a fully electric vehicle, I have no sympathy. People need to be as worried about the climate crisis as they were worried about the possibility of impending nuclear holocaust during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yes, it is that serious and more so. Here is the article:

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